An Italian brand founded by Simona Barbieri & Tiziano Sgabri in 1987, the main business focus was producing knitwear & female clothing. The brand was registered in 1990 and few years later the first shop was opened in Bologna. It witnessed major developments & improvements by adding new lines for younger target & small girls such as jeans, beachwear, lingerie, shoes & bags. 

Twinset headquartered in Capri is expanding continuously around the world, operating in the medium-high price basket in the female fashion segment.

Brand Identity

Two words, a harmonious combination, a winning binomial. In the name of its brand Twin-Set reveals its origins, its present

and its future paths. 

It is this harmony that the consumer feels when she enters the shop, it is this style that she wears in daily life and for
important occasions. It is an image that has become established yet continues to evolve over time: increasingly total,
modern, abounding in inspiration and projected into the world.


The collection is for a woman who is sophisticated with strong character, who plays with her femininity by combining romantic applications such as sequins, tulle and embroidery, with striking prints and bolder materials including jeans, leather, studs and technical fabrics.

Wonderful yarns, tricot stitching, lines and prints give birth to a total look which is an object of desire for TWIN-SET consumers, contemporary sensual women, metropolitan and feminine, always on the crest of the latest fashion but with outstanding individuality: feminine women but not ostentatious, sweet but at the same time strong and spirited.

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